About Us

At Sigma Six, we focus on the complete picture – from the intricate parts that make up an electrical system, to making sure all the components work perfectly together. This holistic approach gives you the one thing you need most: superior power systems reliability.

Look to Sigma Six for

Proven Experience.

Many of our engineers and technicians have been in this industry for decades.  Our depth of experience enables us to identify, resolve, and prevent many of the issues that our clients encounter.

Proven Value.

Sigma Six services return benefits in many forms. Proper commissioning, testing, and maintenance results in:

  • Improved system performance.
  • Reduced energy usage.
  • Increased safety.
  • Reduced costs through on-time, on-schedule projects.
  • Reduced risk of future downtime.
  • Improved processes resulting in reduced human error.
  • Reduced rework.
  • Increased insurability.

These and many other benefits result in improvements to your bottom line.